Tolmie Garden Corner

Garden Corner

This section is for the Tolmie die-hard gardeners and soon-to-be gardeners, to learn what works, what doesn't (without a greenhouse), when we are all planting and harvesting. I want to encourage locals to share advice and swap excess seeds, seedlings, produce and scions and any leftovers we can also share with the Mansfield Fresh food drive. Maybe as the weather warms we can organise some local get-togethers, garden visits and maybe even learn to graft. The trouble with Tolmie is if you are not a seasoned resident, it's very easy to get burned by the gardening advice you will receive online and on TV. Gardening is all about microclimates and what works in Melbourne might not work here in Tolmie. In Tolmie, you'll also find different growing conditions on the ridge at top of Tabletop than you will find in the frost hollow near the sports ground. 

Each month I will profile who's growing in Tolmie and what is working for them. We'll share tips for growing locally and info about where to buy/swap or sell local plants which should succeed in your local microclimate.

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