Tolmie TOAST

Tolmie TOAST is a car-pooling system developed by the Tolmie Sustainable Transport Group which enables local residents to access a “Spare Seat” into Mansfield and beyond.  The system is based on the goodwill of Tolmie residents together with the vibrant community spirit in providing an opportunity for a fellow resident to ride with them.  The aim of TOAST is to improve access for locals to essential services and facilities in Mansfield and further beyond to Benalla, Melbourne and VLine bus services.  The need for TOAST was identified in late 2010 as a result of the community coming together to develop a community plan.

The TOAST project is administered by a committee of volunteers.

If you need a lift or would like to volunteer as a driver, please call:

TOAST Coordinator Norma Pearce
Ph: 03 5776 2223